Additional workflow capability - unenroll upon email response


Add the ability to remove a contact from a workflow if contact responds to an email. 


1. Important when a contact response might warrant a different email subject or removal entirely. 


2. It is much like sequences with the added ability to measure response, click through and open rate. 




I want to enroll the user in a workflow to get feedback on the product. Plan to send 3 emails asking for feedback 2 days between each. 


Email 1 - "Hey we want to get some feedback on x"

Contact Response - "I'm not the right person to ask"


Unless I personally un-enroll the user, they will get the second and third email. 



This feature would also help with sales as you could use the workflows to enroll users in sales workflows and get reporting on the messages. 

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2 years on and still nothing.


My basic marketing tools I was using before this giant hubspot implemtation could all handle this ability. It's really frustrating this big sophiscated software is lacking in this basic functionality... 


This would be amazing, I was told by several support and salespeople that this was possible but maybe I wasn't clear. It would make all the difference if workflows had this capability. 


Just adding my voice to those wanting this functionality.


+1 for this idea


I just switched back to Hubspot from Salesforce/Pardot and swore this was a feature Hubspot had. I absolutely need this feature. You can do it with Sequences, why not Workflows? I guess I will just build a sequence that approximates what I want to do. Not ideal though, this needs to be a feature that's added


Inconsistent to Sequences and super emberassing, if you send follow-up mails when the user already reacted


There is a contact property that I use for this "Recent sales email replied date". I take them out of the workflow if that field is not known. Seems to work even for marketing emails. My inbox is connected to Hubspot Inbox - conversations which may be the reason why it can track it. 


The lack of this feature seems like a very big oversight that needs to be fixed asap. People have been requesting this for almost 3 years now...why don't we have it yet? Seems like it would be a relatively easy fix. Not only am I having to manually remove people from the workflow when they reply, but I'm also having to trust that my team will notify me if they get a reply when the reply-to is not an inbox I have access to. Really makes a mess of things...


Plus 1 ! common HubSpot you can do better!

Status updated to: Being Reviewed
HubSpot Product Team

Hi everyone,


I’m Megan Legge, a product manager for HubSpot’s workflows tool. Currently, marketing email replies aren't tracked in HubSpot, and until they are, the workflows tool won't be able to unenroll a contact from a workflow based on a marketing email reply.


However, the great news is that the email team is currently working on marketing email reply tracking! Once that work is complete, the workflows team will be able to review introducing unenrollment functionality based on that reply information. To stay in the loop on the email team's work on marketing email reply tracking, please follow along on this other ideas forum post:


Thank you for your comments and feedback, and I will follow up again when we have more information.





@MeganLegge That's great news!


Please add a goal where if someone responds to an email in workflow, they are removed from the workflow. I don't plan to purchase hubspot professional unless this is added. Thank you!


Being able to remove contacts from a workflow if they reply to an email is essential. It's very unfortunate that this feature is not available yet, while something very similar is possible in Sequences. I hope this can be changed very soon as it would massively enhance Workflow capabilities. 


This is a great idea and something we definitely need in our funnels to avoid unnecessarily spamming converted clients and to improve the client experience.


Looking forward to the potential of this for our business.


This would be really helpful as it means we can focus on the relationships we have already created with clients without them getting irrelevant content.


This would be extremely helpful so that it shows we understand our clients and if don't remove them from a workflow where the are already communicating with the point of contact it makes us look silly.


If it would help to simplify this addition to Hubspot, I suggest that the contact could be unenrolled from the workflow if they send ANY email to my organization. It could be a reply to my automated email, but it could be a message they compose on their own (with a different subject) and send to us.


For workflows that are dealing with new contacts or cold sales prospects, the chance of them sending an email unrelated to the workflow is low. That means my unenrollment trigger could easily be "any incoming email from this contact".


it would be amazing if this idea could be developed, please add me to this initiative


Looks like this has been missing for 3 years, hopefully you get this done asap. It's basic to stop workflows when an email is replied