Additional workflow capability - unenroll upon email response

Add the ability to remove a contact from a workflow if contact responds to an email. 


1. Important when a contact response might warrant a different email subject or removal entirely. 


2. It is much like sequences with the added ability to measure response, click through and open rate. 




I want to enroll the user in a workflow to get feedback on the product. Plan to send 3 emails asking for feedback 2 days between each. 


Email 1 - "Hey we want to get some feedback on x"

Contact Response - "I'm not the right person to ask"


Unless I personally un-enroll the user, they will get the second and third email. 



This feature would also help with sales as you could use the workflows to enroll users in sales workflows and get reporting on the messages. 

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I agree, this would be really helpful for me as well!

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Several other Marketing Automation platforms that I've used provide the ability to track replies for the marketing email sequences.  This provides analytics to know if someone engaged the sender directly asking a question or moving forward in the process.  We would love to be able to not only understand replies but also be able to set goals/triggers to be able to remove someone from a workflow if they do reply.  Other marketing automation platforms I've used have separated out the out of office replies in a paused category that you can reinstate into the campaign later (vs. removing them seeing the out of office as a reply).  This is a metric I've used quite a bit in the past and would love to have this available in HubSpot marketing automation as well.  Thanks!

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Voting for this. Would be great to trigger a workflow when a contact replies to an email via outlook or gmail.

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Even if we could just have a workflow goal to be "replied to marketing email" that would be incredibly useful in obtaining another metric for customer engagement.

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Agreed, this would be a big help

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Would like to see all replies within hubspot for all emails sent please!

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I added a goal to my workflow "Activity Type is equal to email reply from contact" so that I could automatically remove conacts from the campaign workflow when they replied to an email. But I noticed that field only works if you manually go into the contacts page and log an email in "Log Activity." This is difficult to log when contacts reply to anyone other than myself and extremely manual. It would be nice to add another property such as "email reply received" so the system could identify an email reply and we can add that action to an entire workflow/goal. Currently, I can only select "opened" or "clicked" one specific email, but workflows can contain many emails and those actions don't necessarily warrant interest. 

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Need it.

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Please add this feature - it is very important to our work

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I think it would be really helpful to add a tracking mechanism to see if contacts reply to an email. We have run into several instances where this feature would enhance our workflows.