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Additional tokens deal-based-workflow-mails

Hello there,

in deal-based workflow e-mails, it is possible to use the contact and its assigned company for personalization.

For our customers it is very often the case that deals are assigned to a different company than the contact (e.g. NO company can be assigned to this contact).

So there is currently no way to access the company data of the company assigned to the deal. For me it is not entirely understandable why.

As another example, which leads in the same direction: It is not possible to access the assigned line items. (Only via a detour: see this thread
However, this one seems to have a bug, I am clarifying that with support)

Here is a small visual representation of the problem in case my english is too rusty 🙂

The following should therefore be possible for automated e-mails
Priority I:
- Access to the data of a company assigned to the deal (at least to the company name)

Priority II:
- Access to assigned line items

For clarification:
Of course, I can save the company name in the deal via a custom property, which I also have to do temporarily. However, as a developer, I don't like this approach at all because it creates redundancies and inconsistencies.

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I support the idea as well after a short dialog in the Solutions Partner group. Might need a small workshop with the product team to figure out the exact details.

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My client is struggling with this as well. They are creating a workflow that is deal triggered to upsell on another pipeline at a certain stage. For the deal card and the task title, having the associated company or contact name would be ideal. Creating a separate workflow to copy those properties to deal properties is not ideal.

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