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Additional "Contain any of" filters for Marketing email in List

Hey team,

Raising this for a customer here.

Currently, if we wish to check if a customer replied to a specific marketing email, we can do so in a list.

However, we can't filter for "any" marketing email with names "marketing/ blog" and check if any contacts replied to all those emails in bulk. Customer would have to slowly click "OR" to set up such a list.

Would be great if we can ahve the "Contain any of" filter in marketing email within List!

Thank you!

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yes, it would be great!


The logic builder in lists is extremely poor compared to many other competing offerings - the inability to nest OR kills me, wanna know if someone converted based on a click on a specific link in any of these emails? Right, that'll be N for filter sets = X* No of emails.

Edit: Slightly better workaround for this specific issue is to build 2 lists, one with your filter sets that don't pertain to the email engagament/whatever action and include the other list, that has filter sets for each of the email activities.