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Additional "Contain any of" filters for Marketing email in List

Hey team,

Raising this for a customer here.

Currently, if we wish to check if a customer replied to a specific marketing email, we can do so in a list.

However, we can't filter for "any" marketing email with names "marketing/ blog" and check if any contacts replied to all those emails in bulk. Customer would have to slowly click "OR" to set up such a list.

Would be great if we can ahve the "Contain any of" filter in marketing email within List!

Thank you!

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yes, it would be great!


The logic builder in lists is extremely poor compared to many other competing offerings - the inability to nest OR kills me, wanna know if someone converted based on a click on a specific link in any of these emails? Right, that'll be N for filter sets = X* No of emails.

Edit: Slightly better workaround for this specific issue is to build 2 lists, one with your filter sets that don't pertain to the email engagament/whatever action and include the other list, that has filter sets for each of the email activities. 


Ageed. In the old workflow set up, we had to add each individual email as a trigger for a Workflow.

But with this new Workflow UI, including multiple emails with same keyword, using "Email Name contains any of" should be possible. But the "contains any of" option isn't there. 


We use hubspot to send both internal and external emails and we tag the names as such with '(INT)' vs '(EXT)' . Would be really beneficial to be able to segment in a list by using a 'marketing email name contains any of', which would then allow us to create internal and external email dashboard reports.


this would be a massive help!


This seems like basic functionality to me. We shouldn't just have this functionality around "Last marketing email name." We should be able to pull contains any of for marketing email name for ALL time. Since we can't build lists or reports by drilling down through campaigns/campaign assets in this type of fashion, this is the best alternative imo.


Yes, this would be a huge help in measuring engagement with our email


This would be a game-changer for us. I'd use "marketing email name contains any of" to be able to filter my emails by business unit. We've got an account with two business units and we title our emails to reflect the business unit.  I'd like to be able to create a dynamic "sunsetting" list to trigger an email automation when contacts are continually not opening emails with certain naming conventions. At the moment, I have to do this manually, which is very time consuming.