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Additional call functionality

This request is to support the below within Hubspot itself so we can move away from using a 3rd party tool.

  • Support incoming calls
  • SMS 
    • Including SMS templates
  • IVR - menu selection dictates where the user lands i.e. to support, to sales
  • Office hours - ensure the user knows we're out of office and can leave a voicemail 
  • Call back - let the user request a call back if all agents are busy
  • Call queues - let the user sit in a queue if they've not requested a call back and don't want to leave a voicemail 
  • Call coaching - listening in on calls to help train staff with whisper and barge functionality
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@jmangiameli You should take look at this one, now that Hubspot has launched the possibility for inbound calls. Maybe these are several steps and/or should be split into different submissions, but he is spot on regarding what kind of features HubSpot should be able to support these days. These are must features for any customer service center, inbound call center, inbound sales teams and so on. 


Good ideas! Also very important: outgoing calls may show up as "unknown caller" or hidden number because the caller ID isn't allowlisted (or recognized?) by phone companies that calls are routed via - at least in Norway. So most of our leads won't even answer our calls because our number don't show up at the receivers phone. We even tried using Twilio paid account, but the issue is still there. 



Log inbound calls, missed calls, and voicemails to CRM for Outbound phone numbers is essential. As you only offer very few international numbers and the HubSpot provided phone numbers lack often in call quality make this is essential as many have to rely on outbound phone numbers from other providers.


Would be great to get an update on the priority of this topic.


As I understand from this article, currently it is not possible