Additional alternative to - Custom Brand Domain in HubSpot Social Tool

Currently, a user needs to purchase a  account if they want to have a custom short domain in their Social Post. 


It would be great if there are other Link Shortener tool can be integrated with HubSpot Social Post such as


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I'm upvoting this. used to offer a basic level of service that included one custom domain as recently as a year ago. They've now moved that to a paid plan that costs $350 a year, so you can no longer use with a branded domain on a small scale without paying.


Rebrandly offers 5 domains and up to 500 branded links for free. It would be great if HubSpot offered Rebrandly as an alternative integration. Great for startups that want to scale into a paid tier without paying up-front costs.

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Branded links are extremely useful to increase Click Through Rate and showcase your brand:

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The option to turn of shortened links would be an amazing addition to this tool! 

If I want to include my website in social media posts now, it gets shortened automatically and that's not something I want to happen. 


I hope to see this implemented soon! 

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All great points - I personally much prefer to, and would love for that option as a custom URL shortener, but there should also be the option not to shorten links. It makes sense sometimes - if you're sharing a long and unwieldy URL, but if you're sharing your website (  it's crazy that it replaces it - particularly when it's sometimes equally short! 


I have to go into the posted social media posts and edit it within the network to put the original URL back - not exactly a great workflow