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Additional Task Priority options other than High



I think your team is on the right track adding a Task Priority option.  Now all you need to do is allow us to customize the selections there.  Perhaps it could be capped at 5 options to avoid clutter, but there must be more then "high".


This is CRITICAL for sales functionality.  In fact it is remarkably helpful for automation purposes as well.


It seems most of the work is done on this feature, just need to move it from a C- to an A now.

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May 06, 2022 07:23 AM

We sure did! 😃 

May 02, 2022 07:24 AM

Hello HubSpot Community, 


I am excited to announce that you are now able to assign additional priorities (high, medium, low, and none) on tasks. This is available in all the areas of the platform where tasks are created such as Workflow, Sequences, Task app, Record pages, etc…


Please let me know if you have any questions. 





In Planning
March 07, 2022 07:51 AM

February 17, 2022 07:47 AM

We are currently working on filtering by time zone on the task app and supporting saved views on the task app. 

February 17, 2022 05:15 AM

I share in your disappointment and I am committed to getting this capability to you sooner rather than later. We have a couple things in flight at the moment. Once those things are complete, adding more task priority options is currently next up for our team. 



October 14, 2021 04:31 AM

I agree 100% with your comments. We have prioritize this and hope to start work on this soon. I can not make any promises on when this will be delivered, but know I feel the same exact way as you. 

Being Reviewed
July 26, 2021 01:40 PM

Hello HubSpot Community,

We are looking for ways to improve Task Priority Options. The main way that we improve and get better is by being guided by our customers. If you are interested in influencing the future improvements to task priority options, please fill out the below survey. We will use the collected information as our guide and potentially reach out to some of you so that we can gain a deeper understand of your feedback.

We appreciate your help and look forward to connecting with you.

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Ability to configure the Priority vertical in tasks lists - HIGH, MEDIUM, LOW. Functionality that allows SDR Manager to have oversight of SDR's Priority tasks for that day, week. Address overdue High Priority tasks etc.


As a modern salesman using a CRM, it is ESSENTIAL to stay close to the money at all times. You want to know which of your prospects or clients you can serve, how much you can serve them, and how quickly. Some of them don't even know you or how you are going to help them yet, some of them you are far away from buying, some of them want to meet you soon, some are meeting with you, some are talking to team members about your contract, some have your contract, some have returned it signed, some are going to buy more than others, some are going to pay more than others, etc. 


Obviously, given the complexity of the sales process it's difficult to stay close to the money, but with an organized CRM task list you can. With the ability to set high priorities, there needs to be an ability to set medium, low, and possibly other priorities, or even to edit your priority types such as close, far, etc. When I look at my task list in the morning and see 50 tasks, but I have a last minute meeting and one of my employees crashes his car in the parking garage and another one has an emergency hospital visit, I need to know my priorities so I can knock out the 10 most important tasks. A high priority task to me says this person must be called today no matter what. A medium priority is ok I should probably do this today. A low priority is something I can skip altogether. 


This feature would make my life and the lives of other salespeople infinitely better, and should be implemented immediately. 


I was looking for Priority field on a Task in you cannot add dropdown options for Task Priority?

Yea, its kind of crazy to not at least add "Low" and "Medium" for now...unless there is some rationale around why "High" is the only option.


Would definitely like to see the ability to edit the task priority drop down options. At least the "Low" and "Medium" options. Can't think of a reason why Hubspot wouldn't allow this.

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Seems crazy to only have "high" as a customizable option. Agreed that this is very necessary. Depending on your target market, reps may know what the priority is due to a reduced number of tasks but if your market is SMB likley you are deaing with high volume so priority is essential - even more so now with Shared Task Queues, so that if a colleague is sick or on vacation or just needs help, other team members can pick up the most important tasks easily. 


The Problem - There is only one level in the task priority status field which is High

Screenshot 4-23-2020 12-47-16 PM.png


The Resolution - You can either add standard Priority status such as Urgent, High, Normal or Low. Otherwise, allow for up to 5 custom status fields. 

The Why - It will really assist sales teams to priorities their sales task allowing them to focus on more pressing matters and create efficiencies. 


100% agree! There needs to be more options than just High Priority and No Priority. 


This is a helpful (scratch that, critical) tool for sales automation and for our staff to be able to segment their leads properly. 


A total head scratcher. I can see why they would limit the functionality of the free CRM package in order to motivate users to pay up. But task priorities? Considering the overall functionality in the CRM, not allowing other priority levels just seems punitive.


I 100% agree that there needs to be more options than just High Priority and No Priority. 


At the very least, LOW, MEDIUM and HIGH priority


I agree 100%. Ideally, I would love to see "Top", "High", "Medium", and "Low".


As much as possible, i'm trying to boil down the direction we give our sales team to "Complete your task queue". But without the ability to prioritize tasks, it makes it difficult to ensure that they are always working on the highest priority item in their queues. 


I've been asked by my team to investigate the possibility of customisable priorities or at the very least, a difference between a top priority for hot leads, medium priority for lukewarm leads etc. This would greatly benefit us too so would be great to see happening in the near future. 


When creating a task, the fact only High or None options are available for Priority is just insane. Literally every To Do app has the option of Low, Medium, High, a lot of them even allow you to create custom priorities like: Low, Medium, High, Urgent for example.

If High can be added, then Low and Medium can also be added. In a software package as robust and expensive, how the current tasks utilise priorities just boggles my mind.

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As an organizational consultant that teaches a Zero Inbox methodology, having multiple priority designations for tasks is critical. At the very least, there needs to be Low, Medium, High, options. Additionally, enabling those properties to be user-definable would allow for implementing David Allen's Getting Things Done (GTD) methodology. The method I teach only needs the three priorities I mentioned earlier. However, I know that GTD is very popular in the marketplace. For what it's worth, native Gmail tasks makes it difficult to implement any priority-based method.




Seriously, a task manager needs more than one choice for priority, it must be sortable, and ideally customizable. Can this be done? My search does not look promising thus far. Please explain how to do this or how to integrate to another product that does.




This would be a huge feature to have!!! Assigning tasks with no priority, or only "high" is not very effective for all tasks



Adding my voice to this one - we really want this for our SDR team to be effective!


The ability to customize task priority type names instead of High or Medium would be much better and extremely helpful. For instance something like "August Opportunities" or "Q3 Opportunities" would add another layer of organization and efficiency to my day to day.