Additional Task Priority options other than High




I think your team is on the right track adding a Task Priority option.  Now all you need to do is allow us to customize the selections there.  Perhaps it could be capped at 5 options to avoid clutter, but there must be more then "high".


This is CRITICAL for sales functionality.  In fact it is remarkably helpful for automation purposes as well.


It seems most of the work is done on this feature, just need to move it from a C- to an A now.

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Yes need this. 


Oh my. This thread is already almost 3 years old and this isn't being addressed? HubSpot, seriously?



Come on hubspot, just add task options, even excel did better. I hope people don't wanna comeback to excel.


Here Here. Why is it being ignored?


Just seen this post which we may all have missed! Fill out that survey guys 🙂 We need this sorted


Hello HubSpot Community,

We are looking for ways to improve Task Priority Options. The main way that we improve and get better is by being guided by our customers. If you are interested in influencing the future improvements to task priority options, please fill out the below survey. We will use the collected information as our guide and potentially reach out to some of you so that we can gain a deeper understand of your feedback.

We appreciate your help and look forward to connecting with you.


Hubspot used to have the functionality where you could drag and drop the taks in the list. So you could arrange your to do list from highest priority to lowest priority simply by dragging and dropping the taks up or down the list. This made sense as all sales books advise that your 'to do' list should always be highest to lowest priority. Why they took this functionality away is beyond me...


This is the most basic thing that is a real head scratcher as to why a basic hierarchy of priority isn't available for tasks. It's even more of head scratcher that for over a year people have been asking for the change and there is still nothing.


Since it is available in High, Med, Low and None int he Priority Property for a Contact or Deal, it almost just looks like lazy coding when only High and None are only availalbe in a pre-customized drop down menu for Tasks. This can be fixed in no time and seriously makes me consider another CRM. 


Establishing an order of priority to fine tune your activities that keeps you closest to money quicker is too critical to be lazy about.  


Agree! At a minimum, add High, Medium, Low. Ideally, let us customize the values.

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I agree 100% with your comments. We have prioritize this and hope to start work on this soon. I can not make any promises on when this will be delivered, but know I feel the same exact way as you. 

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Would be really helpful in order to prioritize the tasks. 


I would like to follow up that I was contacted by a HubSpot represetative on the Tasks team about my issue. I'm please to report that they will be offering a hierarchy of priority in the near future for tasks so that they may be labeled Urgent, High, Medium, Low and None. This is a vast improvement over the current offering of either None or High. 


The representative said he is unaware if it will be availalbe on automated tasks just yet when they release the features. I'm hoping they do because as we identify the deal stages and automated workflows that include generating tasks to help setup our workday, it's paramount to not have to go back in to the list of tasks every night and find which ones need to be updated. There is no sense in using automated workflows for tasks if that heirarchy of priority isn't also an option. 


The goal is to elimnate having to look at my tasks every night and rescheduling them the next day from top down in an order of priority manually by date/time. It's nice to be able to click the "Start Tasks" button and hit each one right after the other during our down time, but it's not so nice unless it's already in an order of priortity allowing us to stay closer to the deals with the best chance of a transaction. 


If any hubspot representatives who see this can offer up any updates on this issue and when it possibly might be released, I think you'll find a large swath of users breath a sigh of relief. 


Thank you in advance!


+1. This is something very useful I would expect hubspot to have updated sometime ago!! 


Absolutely! After the meeting I had with the Task team, I can firmly say it is on their schedule to be done. I agree though, it should be the top priority above all else because they are losing business to competitiors without this simple change. I can guarantee that their Tasks team, Deals Team, Workflows Team, Tickets Team and Contacts Team will all experience an increase in productivity to devote time and resources to other issues by making this one change alone. You can find specifics in my suggestion a couple of replies up from 2 weeks ago. 


If the heierarchy of priority options are available uniformly across the board and not just in Tickets and not Tasks for example, or Deals and not in would be a huge, seamless win.


***Direct Note to HubSpot: Homogenize this across ALL Hubs and watch your profitability grow significantly along with productivity since you'd be eiminating this one issue of standardization.


Agree 100%


We are also waiting for this to be implemented. I believe there is a lot of room for development for HubSpot in this area, not only regarding "Tasks", but when it comes to "Project Management". CRMs will have to evolve to "Business Relationship Management", including more support for Projects and not only the Marketing/Sales/Service Department. The rest of the "Business Departments" inside of any "Business Unit" are subject to be assisted by the CRM -> BRM.