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Additional Task Priority options other than High



I think your team is on the right track adding a Task Priority option.  Now all you need to do is allow us to customize the selections there.  Perhaps it could be capped at 5 options to avoid clutter, but there must be more then "high".


This is CRITICAL for sales functionality.  In fact it is remarkably helpful for automation purposes as well.


It seems most of the work is done on this feature, just need to move it from a C- to an A now.

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@YiRui_Chua As you're a HubSpot Employee, can you push this internally somehow? I believe anyone would be very happy here. 😉

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Hi we are currently using Hubspot for our call center and we really need this feature added asap!

Was this ever decided to be added?  Perhaps an expected date?


By catogorizing tasks with priorities or task types it is easier to plan your day and effectively control your team.


Sorry to state the oviouse.. HOW many YEARS does it take HUBSPOT to add the options here that their users requests?

This is a needed change and the community is requesting a update how about a time of when this is going to be released.  Hubspot give us real feedback to our request of needs. Uncertanty that you are even going to make the changes for us is a real issue with the community makeing request then we do the limbo of will this ever change happen.

We state what and why we need and we dont get back the same from hubspot not even that this is even being considard. I believe hubspot can have someone give us insight to project\change Request.


Bump, please consider adding this 




Would be a great way for Inbound reps to strucutre their day as well as future task if you had the posibility to have either Low, Medium, High or 1, 2, 3 4, 5 in priority. 

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Please add this! 


Dear Hubspot, 

This has now active for well over 12 months with no action, 135 Up Votes and 50 comments!!! Yet I see almost daily changes to the UI and other areas of Hubspot. One of which recently you took away the ability to copy and paste images into Call Notes and suggested I edit the call log after it was saved. I've spoken to my developers and asked them how hard it would be to add a few extra task priorities etc. they're under the impression it would be that difficult at all. Obviously not knowing the full underlying effects. Still, I ask you Hubspot WHY hasn't this been done? 

It's an easy win and a simple one that'll make peoples lives so much better. 




I would love to add this feature to our workflows dealing with our perfoarmance marketing leads, too. As different sources bring different pre qualifications it would be nice to give more different priorities to the automatically created tasks.


I completely agree, and I wonder why it's not done yet 🙂 




It would be great if the email reminder for the tasks could also be marked high. Like in Outlook, for example


Upvote, would be good to have chance to create a property for that

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Upvote! This would be super helpful for pretty much every reason already listed. 




+1 please may this be added

HubSpot Product Team

Hello HubSpot Community,

We are looking for ways to improve Task Priority Options. The main way that we improve and get better is by being guided by our customers. If you are interested in influencing the future improvements to task priority options, please fill out the below survey. We will use the collected information as our guide and potentially reach out to some of you so that we can gain a deeper understand of your feedback.

We appreciate your help and look forward to connecting with you.


Glad to see that since this thead was initiated on what looks like December 2019 that as of recent (July 26, 2021) it is being addressed at least in the way of a survey???

So strange in that there is already one option of "High" so it seems as if it would be so easy to simply add Medium and Low for now.


Ultimately though, why couldnt this easily be a field or property in which we could have the option of using a High, Medium, Low default or the option to customize or own labels if something works better for our own organization.  I for one would probably not one put the priority but would probably somehow identify them as related to contract, network, prospect, etc. as those action items greatly affect the importance of the task.