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Additional Social Media Permission Settings

Currently you only have the option in HubSpot settings to either grant or not grant social media access. This should be further defined by team, buisness unit, brand or country ... etc.


Use case: A portal has several countries each with multiple brands and team leaders per country. Each country has a person who posts to social media and therefore has access to the tool. However, they have access to ALL connected social platforms for all brands and countries - it is therefore very easy to accidentally post under an incorrect country or team's social platform.


Only the Super Admins (or other defined user role) should have the 'master' access to see all platforms across all brands and countries. 

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This is a feature the tool really needs. With the introduction of Business Units we really do need to be able to completely separate the brand access. 


I can only concur since the situation given as an example by OP in this thread has occured to me personally not so long ago.