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Additional GDPR Options for Chat



as customer within the EU and if we ask users for their email adress via Live Chat, we have to make sure that:


a) we are allowed to send them emails (we need the consent to process data and a consent to communicate = an active subscription)

b) before sending them emails we have to wait for the users opt in confirmation


As idea for the live chat, we need:

1) the possibility to add the user to more than one subscription types  ecause we want to send him an answer regarding the request AND further marketing material


2) we need to set the checkbox "consent to communicate" as manditory field    because without subscription type, we are not allowed to answer to the chat request 


3) We need the functionality to send opt in mails based of Live Chat 

If we recieve email adresses using live chat, the system also need to send DOI Mails because before the user email adress confirmation, we are not allowed to anser to the chat request via email



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