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Additional Agent Tokens in Inbox Email Signature

I would love to expand the use of the email signautre on an inbox to also include additional dimensions in the "Agent Token".  Today you can only include Full Name, First Name or Last Name.   I would love to see you pull in other dimensions of Role/Title and Phone Number.  This also seems like this is ripe for allowing users to customize their own token attributes as well.   

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This is a much-needed addition - adding more personalization tokens to the team signature section. For our case, we would really like to put the user's phone number in the team signature. Or, if there could be a way to insert a signature in the conversations inbox, and use the user's configured signature rather than the team signature. Currently the only workaround to this would be to navigate to a ticket record associated with the conversation, and reply to an email chain from the activity pane, which will pull in the user's signature. 

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Yes, I agree with @Mike_Mioduski an @devmak

it could be very useful for a better service. 

At the moment, me, my team and my customer's service team need to go on the specific ticket to reply with our specific email address and signature.