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Adding social posts to HS campaigns

We the marketing team would love to have the ability to add social posts to HubSpot campaigns, which were not published in HubSpot but on the platform (Facebook, Insta, LinkedIn). It was already possible once. 


As we mostly combine a lot of channels and our Social Manager mostly uses his cell phone for preparing and releasing posts we would have a 360 degree view which channel works best for every topic.





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What happened to that functionality? When this was still possible, I always added all posts to their respective campaign. Now I don't use the campaign aspect of Hubspot anymore at all. 😕 


The last social post that I could post through an external source AND assign to a Hubspot campaign was on September 21, 2021. Since then, I have not been able to associate a campaign if posted through an external source. This feature is very important when posting on LinkedIn as Hubspot does NOT allow tagging of users, so I must do it through the platform. Also, it is much easier to share a LinkedIn post directly from the platform, and then retroactively add to a Hubspot campaign. PLEASE please please bring back this feature and allow external sources to be added to campaigns! Otherwise, this completely diminishes the need to use Hubspot Social.


I would also very much like to be able to do this. 

I work for a global company so a lot of the posts that I put on our social channels are to a segmented audience (language/location). Currently Hubspot does not have the functionality to do this, so I have to schedule my posts in other platforms. However frequently these posts are part of a wider campaign and so I would like them to be attributed to their campaign on Hubspot. The posts do pull through to Hubspot once they are live, so I can see them in reporting, I am just not able to add them to a campaign. 


I would like to be able to do this as well as I cannot schedule carosel posts, reels (the fact that I have to remain a biz account if I want to schedule in there is awful. You can't access sounds that way other than the canned library), or do a push to publish function in Hubspot. Has anyone written anything in zapier to attach a campaign after the fact?


I'd also love to be able to do this, it's really crucial!!!


For us it is crucial to have that feature.


This is such an important feature we NEED to have back. Until HubSpot's social media scheduler is up to par with the other platforms like Hootsuite, our team can't even use it so now since we can't add posts to Campaigns anymore that's not a useful tool either...  very frustrating 😞 Please please fix this. 


This feature is crucial for campaign tracking! We schedule twitter threads through an external platform, as HS also does not provide these capabilties, and are not able to attribute their performance to campaigns


This is especially crucial now, since we aren't able to schedule Instagram reels or stories through HubSpot. Any information on this?


I've started using Hupsot less and less because I can't publish reels or do many native tasks in it. At the very least I need to be able to associate externally posted content to a campaign, should be fairly straightforward to link those...