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Adding "SEARCH" into Recycling Bin (Contacts Recovery)

Hi team,

I don't think it's a great deal to implement a "Search" field inside the recycle bin, so it would be no time consuming searching thru thousands deleted users.


Thank you!

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Yes, I think what Draqos is saying is that it would be FANTASTIC to have basic search functionality within the Restore Contacts recycle bin.


Search by email address, for example, would seem easy and VERY VERY helpful.


Right now it lists all deleted contacts by deletion date - and if they were deleted on the same date, it does NOT list them in alphabetical order.


I'm looking for a specific deleted contact and do not know the date of deletion - and we have deleted more than 10,000 contacts in the past 90 days, so the current HubSpot recovery method (and I do appreciate that there is a restore option) is for me to scroll through and find that one contact manually, with a max of 100 contacts visible per screen. 


Thank you!


I am facing the same problem. Its too time consuming to search and restore specific contact from 6000 deleted contacts.


I think Hubspot should implement this functionality on an urgent basis. 


We recently ran into a situation where we had a reporting discrepancy. I wanted to determine if some of our recently deleted contacts (deleted for valid clean-up reasons like bounced, etc.) might be the cause for the discrepancy. Unfortunately, I can't filter or search for contacts in the "Restore Contacts" view. The only effective way to do this is to restore all contacts and then filter. 


Use case #1: Search through deleted contacts for investigational purposes.

Use case #2: Search for a subset of contact who meet certain criteria that should be restored. 


Maybe there are more use cases? Maybe this applies to other record types, too?


This is really a must have otherwise its too cumbersome to search through all deleted contacts


This is absolutely something that is needed to sift through and find contacts quickly... especially as an organization grows and there are more users utilizing the system.

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Yes please, its so time consuming to look through the full list, when you are able to remember part of the name or email address a search box would cut down the manual part of this so much.


This would be amazing! It is very difficult to locate contacts in the reycle bin on just deletion date.

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It would be a super useful and time-saving tool! 

As I requested in this idea I submitted,  adding a search box in the Restore Contacts - Deals - Companies - Engagements page would add a lot of value to HubSpot as there are times when contacts are deleted in bulk and by mistake, a contact that shouldn't be detected was included in that batch.


In addition, it would be really useful to have a Pagination Menu at the bottom to know the page we are on.

Also, having a property or a way to identify the contacts that were restored could be very useful in certain scenarios when a whole batch of contacts needed to be restored.

As well, having a column that indicated the contact that had the engagement to easily identify it and restore it.


At last but not least, would be pretty useful to have an export button there so that we can get a document to keep track of the objects (Contacts - Deals - Companies) we have deleted.


I would LOVE this! Such a simple but impactful change 


I agree 100% that this would be a very useful tool. I am looking for one contact so I can correct some reporting, but it's too time-consuming to go through each page. 


Yes, please. This seems like a simple fix. I'm literally going through over 1,000 contacts trying to find one.


A search feature to restore contacts and companies would be fantastic! Also, if we can restore companies and all contacts tied to the company that would be awesome. In addition, a feature where we can export all deleted data to a csv or .xls would be helpful too.


Totally agree! It will be extremely helpful!


Its a must have feature!


Please do this. So ridiculous that it's not already an option. Do y'all not think about the user experience of a feature before deploying it? It seems like so many features are like this-only partially thought through. 


Pinging for this to be implemented!