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Adding more sub categories to the side bar/menu in the knowledge base

It would be great if there is a possibility to add more sub categories to the side bar/menu in the knowledge base. It will make it more easy to scroll through the articels (since there is no 'next' or 'previous' button either). 

Subcategories Knowledge base.png


When you are in an article, you have to go back to the overview, before you can go to the next article in the cateogory?


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Agree - I'd love to see this feature added. We have some sub-categories that only need one article, and it's not as easy for our users to navigate to those when they have to return to the page for the whole Category to reach them.


I'd like to see some breakout availability for sub-categories like this:



Great idea, expanding the options of the Knowledge base would be highly preferable!



Yes please on all of this! Would love to see following:


  • Category 
    • Subcategory
      • Sub-subcategory
        • Article Title (Always show article titles, bolded and highlighted so it's easy to see where you are. Possibly truncate for UI purposes)