Adding & Creating Video's in Emails via Hubspot App

It would be ideal and convenaint to be able to record & attach video's to Emails via the Mobile App. This would allow for more personl genuine messages and be conveaint for people on the go or working in different enviroments. 

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The mobile application of HubSpot is becoming increasingly more important in our post-covid life. As is video. Our Sales team needs to be able to add Vidyard Videos to emails from within the HubSpot mobile application. Many of our desktop computers are not equipped with camera/microphone capabilities.

Currently we have to open the Vidyard app on an iPad. Log in. Shoot the video. Let it upload to the Vidyard library. Open up HubSpot on a desktop or through a web broswer on the iPad. Log in. Find the customer. Type the email (select the template). Insert the video (logging in again to Vidyard). Send the email.

Just as the "Use template" and "Insert meeting link" options are available at the top of an email in the HubSpot mobile application, I'd like you to add an option to "Insert video" and have the same user experience as creating and adding a video using Vidyard right from HubSpot desktop web browser.