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Adding a Subject Line to the Response



I am shocked that this has to be brought up but it is necessary for me to change the subject of the conversation when I am replying to customers who submitted a contact form on our website.


Based on the information on the Community forum, there used to be some workarounds but those do not work anymore. 


Basically anything (the customer's name, the name of the form,...) is better than "No Subject".


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Working in inboxes tied to form submissions is counter-intuitive until there is the ability to have a different subject line. Almost anything is better than (no subject). Seriously! There was apparently a workaround by passing a hidden form property called subject through the form, but this no longer works.




This is really ridiculous, not to be able to set at least one predefined subject for all conversation email responses... We now have "form submission" but which form, which company?! At least company/brand name in predefined subject would be useful. Though assigning title per conversation inbox should really be an option.

Not to mention that the old tread was closed because there was a workaround, which doesn't work anymore, it was never reopened, and now it looks like an irrelevant request with few interested people.

P.S. @Adam_DROPLET maybe add "conversations" in the idea title, was difficult to locate the idea.

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Having all Conversations with a default subject line of "Form submission on [DATE]" is not ideal. Yes, you can override this default every time you reply to a message in the Conversations tool, but that's an extra added step. Being able to inject a little company/brand personality – or at the very least, as others mention above, the company/brand name – feels like a straightforward and meaningful improvement.


It's worse than no subject for us. The subject shows as undefined:

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How was this not considered when the option to email from Conversations was rolled out? 

And how do you think this looks towards our customers receiving responses with this subject? Do they even read the email or ignore thinking it's spam? 

Come on Hubspot, this is basic. Your tool needs to be a lot more customer centric. I'd love to talk your product team some ideas on how to make this happen (spolier: check Intercom - it's excellent).


Yes, this missing feature is really annoying. Hey Hubspot team, can you help on this?


Also very annoying for us, in half of the cases the sales agents forget the subject line and the client gets an email back "Re: Form submission". Very unprofessional. We would like to be able to set a standard subject line in the forms editor. 




Same here. It can be easily made as a Snippet (technically), but for some reason, it's just a Form submission. 😞


@hubspot @cambria Please fix this, to any customization, really! And can someone merge all these different treads, and take some time to explore this issue, there was a quick fix but even that is not working and that was a huge tread I cannot find anymore.


+ Having a Subject to the Contact Forms is a MUST!
Seems like such a small thing but it will really save a lot of time as you have to add the subject manually to every conversation. I do see that Ticket property might be able to solve it but I can't make this a "required field"Screenshot 2023-01-31 at 2.16.36 AM.png


+1 a field to pre-set the rule for inbox subject conversation. It's quite annoying missing that feature

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Should be a very easy feature to add, please implement this HubSpot!


+1 Hubspot, we can't have multiple emails come in on a single day and use conversations that reply with a subject line that reads "Subject:Form submission on XXXX Date"


I stopped using Calendly to use Hubspot meetings and was pretty shocked to see that the default meeting is just (No subject).


At the least, it should say our company name or the requestees name by default. At most we should be able to customize the subject line from the form settings.


Please consider this as a default feature, thank you.


I just reached out to my account rep hoping to get help on this. Most times I reply in the Inbox feature, I forget to update the email reply subject line and the thread starts as 'Form Submission on date'. This looks terribly unprofessional, but I often forgot to change it because it's not visible (I have to click around).

I also would like to bcc myself automatically, but it seems like this also doesn't exist as an automated setting I can configure!
This is low hanging fruit, but so much burden is put on the user. I'd love to share with the product team if they're interested.

There are so many common sense things in Hubspot that don't exist (this, printing out of it) that Hubspot ignores request for/doesn't implement, that I'm trying to actually figure out what they are working on to improve the product. -insert text shrug-  -because there's no emoji for that in the collection either-