Adding Workflow Elements to Reports


It would be super helpful if I could add different elements of a workflow to HubSpot reports. For example, so I can easily pull the number of contacts enrolled, the number who have met the goal criteria, etc for a customized time period. Right now, I have to manually count for each day of that week. If I could put together a dashboard of the different elements I want, that would be super helpful. 

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Or, if there was a way to see the conversion rate from week-to-week, that would be great, so I don't have to manually calculate it otherwise. 


Not being able to use workflow information in Reports has definitely affected our ability to make business decisions. Going into each workflow one-by-one and adjusting the date range manually to count up contact enrollment or goal-out date is very time consuming and, frankly, it's ridiculous that there aren't easier reporting capabilities for workflows within time ranges.

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Yep, needs to be an easy way to see which emails are up next in a workflow. If we could simply get these workflow emails to show on the marketing calendar, we'd be great!