Adding Video Subtitles to Social Publishing

An idea for publishing social videos through HubSpot would be the capability to add subtitles to the videos as you publish. At this point, we may not post our videos through the HubSpot platform, but to each site individually. Without this option, we will lose tracking capabililties. If subtitles were an option it'd save us time and allow for effective tracking on our social sites.




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I also came across this issue today. On Facebook, I have to upload the video AND srt files for the subtitles to work properly. HubSpot needs a feature that allows us to add subtitles/captions by including an upload srt option with our videos so we can properly measure our social media marketing.


HubSpot even wrote a blog that included how important it is to subtitle videos. I'm sure many users would agree.



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We came across this very same issue yesterday - I wasn't certain whether I was doing something incorrectly, so took it up with the Hubspot support team.  This morning I got a note to say, I'm not going mad and this is indeed the case.


I'd really like to encourage the development team to take this up - having captions is critical to the success of video campaigns, specifically in social sharing but across other content.  That said, it's equally it's critical that we are able to track the campaign success, but it would seem at this point you have to make a choice...which is of course unfortunate.

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Agree that it would be so helpful to have the option to add .srt files in the social publisher. I don't use Vidyard and for a lot of reasons, will never. Facebook allows you to edit a video after it's published to add an .srt file, but LinkedIn does not. LinkedIn video is imperative for B2B marketers and it's like I might as well not use Hubspot social publishing for video without that functionality.