Adding Start and End Date as Default to Quotes in Hubspot


Add the ability to add a the start date and end date on every quote that can be generated from a deal. It would be great to see both start and end date as a default on every quote.

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Hi @Jwl4692! Would you mind clarifying what the start and end dates you're looking for would be referencing? Would it be the quote expiration date, a billing date, etc?


No worries. I would say billing start date and billing end date. We are a software company so in our world we would refer to it as license start date and license end date.


Yes, upvote this!


This is absolutely needed for us when sending quotes to potential customers. We are a subscription service and our customers typically subscribe for a year at a time, and we need to include subscription start/end dates on the quote form. Ideally, this would be included in the line item of the product.


Yes! a subscription start date and subscription end date on quotes would be VERY helpful. We currently use custom properties and then add them as tokens in snippets to display on a quote. 


Absolutely needed for us as well. Also is needed by our billing department.


Needed by us too. Seems strange that you can select start date as a column when you're building the quote but it does not push through to the quote itself. Just seen this idea was first posted in 2019.

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Not having the end date is a big inconvenience for subscription/membership-based products and services. Having this property added would be a huge help!


Why is it on the Line Item section if it isnt then shown on the quote? 


A custom date range is absolutely essential for us in order to start creating HS sales quotes. We sell meeting software and certain meetings take multiple days, so we should be able to list the necessities for each day on the quote. Very inconvenient that this is currently not possible, so we hope that this can be added soon.


Agree with the need here as I'm also blocked. For our subscriptions we really need an invoice date added to the quote builder. Example of a problem this is causing me: Sometimes our team sells a multi year subscription with first year free. In the current quote builder can add a product for the year one discounted at 100%. I then add another product for the additional paid term and adjust the start date accordingly. BUT - because there is no invoice date, the quote will show that they owe for year two at time of purchase.