Adding Products and Quotes to the Mobile App

Being able to simply select the product(s)/services within the mobile app and send the quote (lower price tag stuff only like a few service days or a smaller quantity of a certain product eg for a POC) to your customer right while you are in the scoping meeting would be great.

Yoe can discuss it with the customer while you are face 2 face, adjust if required and get a quick approval not leaving the site, sendingsomething over, wait for response etc.

Especially for the smaller deals in the four figure level, this feature improvement would be very helpful to accelerate the sales process.
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Would be great for our sales team out on the road if we had the ability to add products when creating a new deal on the mobile.

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This would make life so much more efficient while on the road.

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Would be great to approve quotes in the mobile app!

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I don't know why this isn't a standard feature anyway. Hubspot need to include this on a mobile device, along with creating Quotes too. Sales people need this functionality in the field and it is inefficient to log onto a laptop every time you want to view a full deal or generate a quote. 

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being able add products and quote from the mobile app would make working from the road or in sites where computers are not always available so much easier. my sales people would love to see this implimented sooner rather than later.

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This would be a great feature for sales reps on the road.

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This needs to be reviewed as well as the publisher option. To be able to edit and change and approve quotes while being mobile would add value to this product.