Adding Notes from other sources via Zapier would save tons of time.

Hi Hubspot,


For the moment we can create contact, company and deal stage via Zapier.

It would be so helpful to be able to add a Note in a contact/enterpise profile via Zapier too.


In our case:

We use Typeform to get feedback or Support identification

We have to copy/paste answer manually from TF to Hubspot


Zapier should make this connection.

Adding Notes from external sources via Zapier would save tons of time. 

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Hey @micleiden_BE 


There is a native Typeform integration that might help you out, what you could do is create a property in HubSpot for "Typeform Response" or a name that's familiar for you, and then just have Typeform or Zapier sync that field to the matching field in HubSpot.  


Hope that helps!

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I know that and we are using it already but as a typeform can have a lot of info, it's more easy to read it in a note.

Plus, a same user might use a TF several times.


Adding a note from external source might be a priority.

As increasing more token via zapier.


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Hi Brian,

Thank you for your comment.

I knew that already but it's complementary.


If you have to create propreties each time you create a typeform, you will make your list so long.. and it's not always easy to use.


A connection from Typeform (or nay zapier connecter) as a note in hubspot would solve the issue and make teams being efficient. 

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Thanks Bryan

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It is indeed a big big need.

Otherwise we have to c/paste notes from all other tools of our automation tools.