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Adding Google Tag Manager pixel on Hubspot Meetings pages

Hi, it would be great to have the ability to add our own Google Tag Manager pixel in the Hubspot Meetings link. I know we can have the Meetings embedded in our site but we would also want to track those who booked directly via Hubspot Meetings links

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YES!!! We'd like to use meeting links as the desired conversion for a Google Ad campaign ... but without the ability to add the pixel to the booking page, we can't track conversions for the ad, which is a real problem for us.



Hubspot could take a look at calendly, it was an easy process over there to push an analytics event after form submit.
I asked our adwords specialist to get it working for hubspot through google tag manager but he didn't manage to get it to work.


Current workaround for us: we send people that request a meeting to a thank you page.
That page is added as a goal conversion in analytics.

Issues with that are:

  • The form needs to be connected to a paid sales or service user
  • The form only redirects after showing the thank you message and after a few seconds. If the visitor leaves by then (which I would totally understand), the conversion is not tracked as the thank you page won't load.

Hurry up HubSpot!  I need this yesterday.  I'm only converting meetings at a 40-45% rate and these are people who are most primed to respond to a retargeting message.




We really need this to track out B2B activities, without the ability to track conversions on appoinments in GTM we are blind to the source of our conversions