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Adding Files and Images to Quotes

There are times when I need to add files to quotes in regards to installation guides and product details. Would be good to be able to attach files and insert product images into quotes.

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Yes, this is a much need feature. for the nature of our business we need to add our terms in full rather than a link. Please bring this feature!


Would be great if quotes could be built as creating a landing page. 

Now we have to create x templates just to have different options. This is not user friendly. 


I hope this feature will be available in the near future. 


This feature is much needed. What is the status on this topic? For example, when can we include a .pdf "terms and conditions" attachment which is absolutely critical when sending out a quote/agreement?
Right now we are unable to use HubSpot in our quote and contract work due to the lack of this feature. I'm thinking it should be a simple addon to add this feature similar to how it looks in your email tools?


Agree with this - the new custom quote editor is nice, but we need the ability for sales reps to add images to a quote too (not just allow admins to add static images to the template).  Current workaround is to add images to the email you can send after a quote is published, but it would be great to be able to embed the images in the quote itself.  I'd suggest allowing the "comments to buyer" rich text field to allow embedding of images.