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Adding Emoji and Gif

Adding emoji and gift in chat and gif is easy and handy. 😊 Thanks

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Yes, 100% agree with this! 

HubSpot Employee

Commenting on behalf of a customer:


  • Emojis can be copied from the web and pasted into Conversations but it's not the same as having a button to click and select the emojis from a dropdown
  • Front Chat has an option to use emojis when chatting in conversations and
  • if HubSpot could have an emoji option in Chat too, that would be very handy and I quote "makes life nicer in Conversation Inboxes" and for internal use as well, when the team is adding comments to conversations in the notes.
  • Side note - even in this reply-to-idea comment on ideas forum, there is an emoji button as well but it's not available in Conversations

PLEASE consider implementing these features guys, me and our clients love to trade gifs and emojis, it makes a LOT of difference in our relashionship and our customer experience!