Adding Contacts to Meetings created with Log Activity on Timeline

Why is there no functionality to include the appropriate Contacts with Meeting activity? This used to be a functionality and it is missing. This should be possible and it should sync across all attendees listed. 

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There is a work-around that I found. If you use the "Schedule" feature, you can schedule a meeting in the past and include multiple contacts. Pretty counter-intuitive, but it works. I was worried that this feature would automatically email contacts, but if you are using it to log a meeting that already occurred, it does not generate emails.

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I agree with the psosts here! Also when a meeting is logged "manually" for each contact, it appears multiple times under the company timeline.

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I thought I was going mad this morning trying to find the functionality - crazy to pull it Smiley Sad


Bumping this. Very frustrating for those of us in enterprise sales — one meeting with a company will involve several important contacts, some of whom might show up without having booked time on our calendars. It makes a lot more sense to log those meetings at the company level and add attendees there, rather than have to create the same log message for each attendee on their own page. 

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I must emphatically agree with all the others

Please Hubspot give us a time line to add this back - and some hope please

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Yes, very badly needed.  Allow to associate an event or note to :

- multiple companies

- multiple persons

- multiple collaborators

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 @roisinkirby Any update on this please?

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Please give us some feedback here. I am surprised that a CRM platform can lack this kind of basic CRM functionality.. People have now been giving feedback on this for almost a year and all you have done is update it to "Idea Submitted"? Could we please get some concrete feedback? @roisinkirby

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This would be a great feature to have. Please bump this up on the roadmap.