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Adding Contacts to Meetings created with Log Activity on Timeline

Why is there no functionality to include the appropriate Contacts with Meeting activity? This used to be a functionality and it is missing. This should be possible and it should sync across all attendees listed. 

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this is a significant loss of functionality in being able to track activity across multiple contacts at one company!! where did it go?

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Community Manager
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Hey @olivia_i @casung how are you currently using the Contact Record and Meetings Tools to schedule meetings? 


This Knowledge Base Article outlines how you can schedule a meeting with a contact from the contact's record - let me know if this doesn't follow your desired use case. 

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I have not used the "schedule meeting" tool to schedule any meetings with contacts. Members of my team regularly used the "+log activity" button to log calls and meetings already held. The meeting property allowed you to associate with one or multiple contacts. This is no longer the case. 

Here is an example of a past meeting logged for record keeping using the +log activity button:Screenshot 2017-04-12 08.29.19.pngexample of past meeting logged for record keeping using +log activity





















Here is an example of what the +log meeting looks like now - without the option to attach contacts:Screenshot 2017-04-12 08.35.00.png









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Couldn't agree more with you.

Extremely usefull feature, would be very good to have it back.




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I meet with teams of 5 or more people at a company. My goal is to track the relationships we have with companies and each contact there. I will have to log 5-10 different meetings under each contact to log activity for those contacts. I'm very disappointed we no longer have access to add contacts. I'd love to see this added back and add additional team members to those meetings.

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Being able to track the same meeting across several contacts in one company is VITAL. Due to this loss of functionality, I've been redundantly adding meetings to company page as well as relevant contact page and it's a waste of time. 

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100% Agree. Please add back!! I rarely meet with only one person.


And while you're at it, it would be great to be able to also say the meeting was with more than 1 Hubspot user (aka my co-workers) too!

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Just had a meeting with 5 contacts and would like the same meeting notes (+logactivity) assigned to all the contacts.

Why can't we do this anymore?

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Please add these features back as soon as possible!


Title is extremely important when you are exporting the data via API for other systems where you need to easily and quickly see what the meeting was about.


Adding multiple contacts to a meeting is crucial to see who participated a meeting and to keep the reporting of meetings held in line. In case we would need to create a single meeting to each of the participants it would mess the target reporting of the meetings and increase the time used to log meetings.

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I could not agree more - a significant value is lost by not being able to add one or more contacts when logging an event, or having multiple contacts associated with a single scheduled meeting.