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Adding CTAs to Sales Emails

It would be wonderful & time saving if the Sales template emails had a section to add a CTA. 


Right now, I have to go to Marketing > Lead Capture > CTAs > create a CTA.  Then I have to take a screen shot after it's made & upload it to my images.  Then, I can finally go to my Sales template, insert the image, & add a link.  


HS has nearly everything else, why doesn't it have this?  A good chunk of my emails are made in these templates & this would save time & make procedures more efficient.

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This is definitely needed to help streamline emails! 


Such a good idea! I hate using images as buttons just in case someone has their images turned off. I would love to be able to just place the CTA's we already have made in the email. Great idea! 

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I'm not sure this will be possible for a few reasons - 1 the "old" CTA tool is now the Legacy CTAs which are being sunsetted (where you create the button, style it, configure the link and it has the tracking built in), 2 the "new" CTA tool that's now available for Starter tier+ uses an iframe embed option which wouldn't be possible via email and 3 the "old" CTA tool used HTML with CSS that is not supported by email providers. 


Have you run any A/B tests with your sales sequences comparing emails with "CTA" button/image links compared to plain text links?


Definitely needed in order to track opens on Hubspot files links!

1) There is no analytics on these types of files links (not "normal links" like a website page)

2) When sales want to include e.g. a PDF link (hosted in Hubspot) in their sequences they have no way to know how many people clicked it. 

3) A way would be to use a CTA instead - but we cannot embbed a CTA either...




My use case is as follows:


I would like to add CTA (eg links) eg to ask if my customer still likes to continue our conversation (Yes / No) and then gather analytics (how many yes/no/non-clicks) for these.


Optimally these different CTAs could be built as a snippets and then added on emails with a clik.


Buttons would be ok, but not sure how often it will default to links due to the customers not loading images.


Definitely something that is needed! 
Being able to embed a CTA in a Sales/one to one email would be fantastic and open up so much more reporting.