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Adding CTAs to Sales Emails

It would be wonderful & time saving if the Sales template emails had a section to add a CTA. 


Right now, I have to go to Marketing > Lead Capture > CTAs > create a CTA.  Then I have to take a screen shot after it's made & upload it to my images.  Then, I can finally go to my Sales template, insert the image, & add a link.  


HS has nearly everything else, why doesn't it have this?  A good chunk of my emails are made in these templates & this would save time & make procedures more efficient.

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This is definitely needed to help streamline emails! 


Such a good idea! I hate using images as buttons just in case someone has their images turned off. I would love to be able to just place the CTA's we already have made in the email. Great idea! 

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I'm not sure this will be possible for a few reasons - 1 the "old" CTA tool is now the Legacy CTAs which are being sunsetted (where you create the button, style it, configure the link and it has the tracking built in), 2 the "new" CTA tool that's now available for Starter tier+ uses an iframe embed option which wouldn't be possible via email and 3 the "old" CTA tool used HTML with CSS that is not supported by email providers. 


Have you run any A/B tests with your sales sequences comparing emails with "CTA" button/image links compared to plain text links?