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Adding A Processing Fee to Payments

Currently, it is not possible to charge customers a processing fee when they use credit cards to pay. So that means we loose 2.9% in fees from HubSpot every time a person pays with a credit card. It would be ideal to be able to card an processing fee to the customer so we can recoup the cost of the fee.

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I've been wanting this option for a while. A few of my clients deal with large transaction amounts for the service they provide... so the customer would like to use a Credit Card rather than ACH in order to take advantage of the CC points game and have no problem paying the fee.


But figureing out an updated transaction total that includes the fee each time becomes tedious. Instead, the ability to turn on or off an option in the payments admin to pass on the transaction fee to the customer would be a huge timesaver. I know other services like Melio Payments has this option but adding in another 3rd party service isn't ideal.