Add user signature to emails sent from Conversations

Hey hey, 

we would appreciate the feature, that email signatures will automatically be added when a team member replies to an email within the Conversations / Team inbox. Currently we are using snippets as a workaround, but that should not be the long team solution. Otherswise it doesnt make sense to add a team inbox  to hubspot nor does it make sense for our customers to not be able who they are in contact with. Since we are customer centric, thats not what we want 

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From what I can see you can add a token to include either the first name or the full name of the user replying to the email. I don't believe they have added the option for you to use your own signatures. 

We would much rather use our own individual signatures than a team signature when using conversations.

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So I don't understand why instead of signatures we are getting ablity to just add name.  I don't think this was delivered...will Hubspot just close this and we all have to start a new one to try to get this basic feature?  Can someone at Hubspot please verify?

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Hi folks - as Kammie described, you can add tokens to your team signature so they're dynamic based on the agent that's responding: 

Screen Shot 2019-10-17 at 8.16.45 AM

At the moment, you can only include agent name, but we're planning on adding agent email, phone number, and other tokens over time. 


What other customization or personalization are you looking for there? Would love to hear more so we can incorporate into future iterations of this feature! 

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Thanks! would pull from the users signature.  But since you went with a new inbox signature...we also need the following users personal tokens to replicate our signature:


job title

phone with ext


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Dear @cambria, thank you for yor message. 

That helps at some point, I would also leave my signature under last message from @rmagness 🙂 

We also use our pictures in footers, but this isn't the most important. 

I have also spotted that when sending email all images attached to the footer design are being sent as email attachment. So when I've tested that feature on Thunderbird I've received a few attached images to download that were part of footer.

This is something I went across for the first time. Is it possible to do something about it? Or perhaps it is something to do with HTML template? 

Any tip would be much appreciated Smiley Very Happy

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We had users still using snippets in addition to the new team signature because the team signature is not displayed (previewed) in their reply.  I know the reply box is very small, but it would be good to show some indication that a signature will be appended to the message/reply.


It would be great if we could have additional tokens (meeting links and ticket ID) to customise the signature.


Also it would be great if the signature would preview in the answer window.

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I appreciate the work that has been done, but I just cannot understand why the signature functionality is available in Tickets, but not EXACTLY the same implementation is available in Conversations?

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We also just want to include the user's signature. Why should we have a different signature for Conversations vs. an Email sent via a Contact record? The reply-to address shouldn't have any bearing on the personality of the email IMHO.

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Has this been implemented yet?
I can't see it working.
How long does it take to get a simple use case like this implemented? 🙂 lol


Is this feature live yet? We need it badly 🙂

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Please add this functionality ASAP please!

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We need this feature rather urgently!

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Pushing for this feature!

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@hubspot  This is a much needed feature. Currently it feels like a minimum viable product.


@cambria its been over a year now since you wrote "At the moment, you can only include agent name, but we're planning on adding agent email, phone number, and other tokens over time". What is the situation with this? Is it under development or simply forgotten?


I agree with @rmagness's suggestions for additional to tokens if you are unable to add the personal signature that is been used elsewhere.