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Hey hey, 

we would appreciate the feature, that email signatures will automatically be added when a team member replies to an email within the Conversations / Team inbox. Currently we are using snippets as a workaround, but that should not be the long team solution. Otherswise it doesnt make sense to add a team inbox  to hubspot nor does it make sense for our customers to not be able who they are in contact with. Since we are customer centric, thats not what we want 

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My second post to this. why the heck is nothing happening here? 

We in Germany are legally required to have a email signature that indicates our exact company information as a legal public corporation.  we need to assure that every employee is communicating externally with an e-mail signature. 

we are paying a **bleep** lot of money for hubspot and have a system that just can’t cover the basic business features / processes for our country.


please hurry 

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I suspect this will not get resolved into someone at Hubspot works out how to turn it into another paid upgrade.

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We are still planning to use snippets for user signatures, something like #sig to insert your signature.  This was recommended by HubSpot support.


It's just frustrating that there are no "User Tokens" in snippets, so we'll have to create a separate snippet for every user (e.g., #sigBrianSweat for mine).

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+1, email functionality should be consistent across the platform.

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+1 from me. We really need this. Disappointing there has been no comments from Hubspot on this basic requirement.

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Spoke to one of the product managers recently. From what I’m told they are looking to introduce a generic signature (per inbox) first as a stop gap measure with user based signatures second, comparable to how signatures work on the rest of the platform. Unfortunately they weren’t able to provide any clarity on any specific timing for either, however it’s something they’re actively working on. 

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+1 This would be great for us as we also need to have licensing numbers in our email signatures by law. 

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+1 Great idea.


I'd like to also add to this by requesting the ability to set a specific signature for certain inboxes, not just their own email signature. For example, if the finance team were to send emails from their accounts@ inbox, I would like them to have a unique signature for that account's email.

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Again - we urgently need email signatures in order to speak legally in Germany with our prospects and customers via the conversation tool. Ask for an update on the topic. Thank you

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Hey Hubspot,


Anything you can pass along here? Understandable if it's not at the top of the docket but would be great just to get some idea that the team has acknowledged this thread and is looking into it.


@roisinkirby - are you able to provide any insight here?




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Please! We cannot use the email function without signatures. Your workaround is not working because our Signature ist "too long" - but a long signature is legally neccecary for bigger companies. 

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Here's what's been working for us until Hubspot makes Conversations Inbox a full-featured part of the product:


1. Copy the customer's email address from the message in Conversations Inbox

2. Leave the Inbox and search for that email address in Contacts

3. In the customer's Contact page, you will see a copy of the email they sent

4. Click "Reply" on that email

5. Your personal signature will be automatically assigned to that email

6. Click the drop-down arrow in the "From" section to make sure the email orginiates from your correct account

7. Author and send email

8. Go back to Conversations Inbox and click the check mark to close the email there


I've broken it down into a lot of steps for clarity's sake, but it's actually pretty quick. And even the techno-phobes among our staff have picked this up quickly with virtually no complaint.


I hope Hubspot comes up with their own fix for this soon, but this has been a very workable solution in the meantime.


Happy 'spotting!



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With that workaround there is a HUGE workLoad..

yes it’s simple if you receive 10 tickets each day.. I probably don’t think that you receive more than 300 tickets a day as I do.. 


in in my scenario, it’s not a workable workaround.. 

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Hmm. I suppose. I personally average about 30 contacts through Conversations Inbox each day, but the time involved is the actual authoring of the emails. The process I outlined takes me about 2 seconds per email if you don't count the time to write out the email.

Obviously everyone has their own workflow and your mileage may vary. 


Again, this is an issue Hubspot needs to address, but hopefully someone will benefit from my advice in the meantime. I suggest folks give it a try to see if it might be helpful.

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please add this functionality asap!

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This is an essential feature!

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Please, we do need it as well!! +1

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We are getting requests from clients for this feature too!  So an update to this thread with an indication of when this could be added on the development timeline would be nice!

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+1 for this.