Add user signature to emails sent from Conversations

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we would appreciate the feature, that email signatures will automatically be added when a team member replies to an email within the Conversations / Team inbox. Currently we are using snippets as a workaround, but that should not be the long team solution. Otherswise it doesnt make sense to add a team inbox  to hubspot nor does it make sense for our customers to not be able who they are in contact with. Since we are customer centric, thats not what we want 

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@LUP I'm not a 100% but it may be groove from what I can see.

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 I have confirmed with them previously, no they do not use their own support software.


Maybe they are smarter than I have given them credit for.

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This seems like a basic function, please add ability

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Yet another thing that isn't possible on HubSpot. Without it the entire Conversations area of the suite is useless to our business.

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Yeah, finally hooked up our inbox, only to find this issue. How is this possible?

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Hi guys, thanks for the update on the issue. Really looking forward to see this functionality. Thanks.


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Really surprised this feature does not exist...means we'll have to continue using an alternative

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Yes, agree with this. Please look at adding this in the future.

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Being able to select from available signatures would be helpul in the inbox, but also when replying to/within a ticket. I'd also like to be able to reply to a form submission as well - currently that is not an option. Both form submissions and tickets should be treated like a conversation in the inbox - complete with reply and signature options. 

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Any update on this? To me it seems something really elementary to have this. Why else would you have this signature?