Add user signature to emails sent from Conversations

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we would appreciate the feature, that email signatures will automatically be added when a team member replies to an email within the Conversations / Team inbox. Currently we are using snippets as a workaround, but that should not be the long team solution. Otherswise it doesnt make sense to add a team inbox  to hubspot nor does it make sense for our customers to not be able who they are in contact with. Since we are customer centric, thats not what we want 

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This feature is a MUST as it is legally required for us to add the company signature to each email!!!

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Yes, please.  We also need this.

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I agree. This is a basic feature for an inbox and especially for customer service. It is ashame that we are paying for a tool to support and enhance customer service and we have to request this. And even worse is that nothing has been done since this request in 2018!

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I also agree. That would help a lot and would also save time for our sales reps and customer service reps. Please have a look into that. 

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@hubspot Please let us now if your product team is planning to integrate conversations within the next months. thank you

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It's so basic. We need it!

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Really? another basic functionality Hubspot doesn't offer.... 


It's getting a little bit boring now

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Please add the signature feature to the conversation tool. This is the most basic tool that anyone would expect from a CRM tool. I know there is a workaround, but it shouldn't be like that. Without a signature, an email doesn't look professional and if basic email answering doesn't look professional by using your CRM, why should companies use it? If they don't use your CRM, why should they use your other tools? 


It adds a lot of time to have to manually copy/paste my email signature every. single. time.  I'm not sure using HubSpot saves time, when we have to waste it manually doing something that is usually a basic feature. 

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In my team we partially solved the issue using snippets and inserting them with hastags+first letter of the name. This makes the process a bit more bearable but it's still absurd that this is not automatic. 

Furthermore: is it possible to at least have an answer from hubspot saying weather they will implement it or if it's definetly not going to happen?