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we would appreciate the feature, that email signatures will automatically be added when a team member replies to an email within the Conversations / Team inbox. Currently we are using snippets as a workaround, but that should not be the long team solution. Otherswise it doesnt make sense to add a team inbox  to hubspot nor does it make sense for our customers to not be able who they are in contact with. Since we are customer centric, thats not what we want 

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we need this. as enterprise customer, we can't use email conversations because we legally need to have email signatures 

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I also have this probvlem - our company is trying to migrate from FreshDesk to HubSpot for customer service and so far we haven't been able to fully match its functionality. To have a proper email signature of your company coming from your company's team email address would be a sensible feature. Please address this. Many thanks. 

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I was trying to use Conversations as a replacement for Hubspot but the lack of signatures, autoresponders and the inability to create a new email or forward one from within the Conversations tab is a dealbreaker. 

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This is a serious need for our Service team as well.  I'd like to have a generic signature for responding to Conversations.  

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I assume the original thinking of NOT showing the user's signature is that Conversations may be different than email exchanges with a contact directly (from the contact, deal or ticket).  That's a really BAD assumption considering the conversations reply come from the group/generic email (e.g., without ANY indication of the human (i.e., HubSpot user) sending the message.


Ironically, it's much less important to have a signature when sending a personal email (from a user's email address) from a contact, deal or ticket.  At least in those scenarios, the recipient would see their name in the from address.  Messages sent from the conversations email address (e.g., without a signature feel very robotic, and will NOT encourage true "conversation".


FIX THIS, please!


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Yes please

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This feature would be very useful for my sales team. Three people are using our Email inbox in HubSpot and it would be great if they could each add their personal signatures to replies. It would be great if you could also add subfolders so emails can be organized in a better way. 

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This should be a basic function. You can use signatures in text messages for a smart phone. Simple.

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+1, we've recently switched over from another CRM and found that this feature helped communicate to customers which sales person was handling their current query.

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We need this too! We find it much easier to work through Conversations than through Tickets, but we need all of our employees' signatures to look the same, and having to copy-paste signatures every time is really difficult. I would think signatures on Conversations messages would be a no-brainer, honestly. Please add this feature soon!