Add user signature to emails sent from Conversations

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we would appreciate the feature, that email signatures will automatically be added when a team member replies to an email within the Conversations / Team inbox. Currently we are using snippets as a workaround, but that should not be the long team solution. Otherswise it doesnt make sense to add a team inbox  to hubspot nor does it make sense for our customers to not be able who they are in contact with. Since we are customer centric, thats not what we want 

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This is SO so important. I don't understand how this is not a feature yet. 

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This feature is extremely important!

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Please add functionality so that a standardized signature can appear on all ticket replies sent through HubSpot. We have several people replying to tickets and need to ensure that all tickets have a confidentiality message at the bottom of the reply. Thank you!


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Dont you guys have problems seeing the cc’d persons? We miss this every time! 


And attachments are not shown in the email body - a huge mistake.. All attached pictures from a signature are saved in the contact/ticket record as duplicates. Wow it’s confusing.

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This feature is needed!


It would also be nice if the 'from name' could be customized/changed when sending emails from general email addresses like sales@

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Isn't it great how there has been absolutley no feedback / comment from HubSpot on this as of yet.

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HubSpot only ever seem to respond if they see an opportunity to increase your subscription fee. 

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Omg, this is such an important and basic feature!

When do you plan to implement it dear Hubspot Team??? 


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Cannot believe signature and autoresponder options are not available for the conversations inbox.

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This is exactly what my Team needs Smiley Happy