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Add unassociate to bulk emailing (list + Enroll in Sequence)

Currently, there is no way to unassociate contacts to deals via bulk emailing via List with Sequences.


Problem: I work with multiple clients. In doing so I give them access to see their outreach efforts. Many times we reach to the same Contact for multiple clients. HubSpot currently is logging ALL email communication to every active deal associated with that contact.  When I client goes in to see all their email communication they can also read the other companies emails.


*Fix: The fixes aren't really fixed. You can go in and unassociate Deals one at a time, but I send out 3000 emails a week, so that isn't a real solution. You can unassociate an email if it is sent one at a time, again not a solution, because I need the bulk. So the functionality is there to un associate, it just isn't present in the bulk side of email when you use a List and bulk Enroll in Sequences.