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Add the quantity amount for products added to a deal at the deal creation phase

Currently when adding a product to a deal in the creation phase, it is not possible to add the quantity of the product desired. To do this we currently need to add the product to the deal, create the deal, and then edit the product card on the deal with the desired quantity amount of the product associated. 
Adding the quantity option to the creation phase could default at 1 but would streamline the process above and utilize the current checkbox for update deal amount. It is easy to see how the current required edit could be overlooked by reps following deal creation.


If I have a deal for 5 x product 1 worth $200. When creating the deal my amount would be $1000 but entering Product 1 to the product section would be a value of $200. This deems the checkbox irrelevant as my deal is not worth $200. It would be worth $1000.


Requesting to see a quantity option for products at the deal creation phase.

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