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Add the free trial feature to the Stripe integration with Quotes



So the Stripe integration with Quotes is pretty great but it has 1 big pitfall - it does not allow for free trials.


Stripe stand-alone allows for this and it basically allows you to collect card/payment info from client at the time of closing, but the card only gets charged later when the trial (number of days) is over.


I've spoken to the Stripe team and they said it's an essential feature for their clients. We need this!


So the way it would ideally work for quote is the following. Your client reviews and signs a quote with x days free trial. They sign the quote, then they check out by inputing their payment info. When the trial is over, they get charged.


Currently Quotes is helpful with Stripe only if the payment needs to be collected here and there. This should change given the number of companies offering free trials. Please upvote if you agree! 

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Not quite the same as we don't offer free trials, but we do need to be able to delay collection of recurring payments. This delay will depend on how long set-up takes with each individual client as opposed to being a fixed period.

Also should be noted that the e-signature limit of 10 per user with the professional plan and 30 per user with the enterprise plan is simply not sufficient.

The Panda Doc integration gets around both of these problems but annoying to have to use 3rd party tool.


Hey! I have the same question 2 years later. Did you ever get a solution to this? Thanks in advance 🙂