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Add the ability to hide fields in custom feedback surveys

That would be super useful to prepopulate some values that we don't want the user to populate manually or to create associations (i.e. a ticket ID pass through a URL parameter)

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Yes this would be very useful. Especially for associating a contact to a survey by contact email with Shareable Linked Surveys.

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Yes please! 🙂


Would indeed be really convenient!



I either need to have a way to add query strings or UTM parameters to a feedback survey as a hidden field, or add feedback survey question types into forms.  


Having a hidden field in surveys to know where (what landingpage) the custumers are currently on when filling out the survey would be super useful and for us, super crusial information to have. Our current survey is asking if the costumer found what they were lookng for on our page, but we have no idea what page they are currently on and giving feedback on! 😮 Please make this a feature. We have lots of good feedback now, but we dont know where to fix the issues currently becasue of this lack of knowlege.