HubSpot Ideas


Add the Ability to Limit Custom Modules and Sections to Specific Templates

Who Does It Benefit

Marketers and Developers (because helping marketers is the developer's job 🙂)


Value To Be Gained

This would allow for the possibility of a more catered page editing experience for marketers.



Currently, HubSpot gives the ability to limit custom modules to pages, blog listings, blog posts, and emails. I think this should be taken a step further, giving developers the ability to limit them to individual page templates as well, and custom sections would get the same capability. It would help eliminate clutter and let the developer help guide the marketer's focus to where it should be when creating a page for a specific template. Obviously for most page templates, you'll probably want to have all or most modules available, but for instance, if you're doing a documentation template, you may want to limit the marketer to certain modules, such as codeblocks, formatted lists, tabs, whatever the case may be.