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Add task status selection and priority to task template

Creating tasks and even working on them keeps their task status at “not started”.

Only in board view the status can be set to in progress, waiting or deferred. It’s hard to get all users to always switch to board view just for the status change.

We work a lot with tasks and queues in the table view and really would love to be able to set the status right when we create tasks or from within the table view.

Second and important topic is the missing prioritization option. Please add priority flags for high, medium and low in a way that one can sort by it, both in table and board view.
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This would be SO HELPFUL to have for managing quotes, proposals and other high priority items.


We'd just need more priorities.

I have hundreds of tasks, so just having high and not high is not enough differentiation. 

It would be even cooler if you could somehow incorporate Steven Covey's Urgent Import Matix into the tasks tool:

This helps you focus on only the most important tasks, when you constantly get given more tasks than you can humanly complete. 



Every other system I've worked in that managed "Tasks" or "Tickets" has a way to set the "Status".



In Progress

Waiting - Internal

Waiting - Customer




Has this feature been added yet?  If not, it really needs to be.

HubSpot Employee

as a support rep, I have received lots of tickets about this subject. I believe releasing this change ASAP would be beneficial to our customers 🙂