Add tables to drag and drop email

At the moment it's not possible to insert tables in the drag and drop email editor. Even if we paste table HTML in the source code, it gets stripped away when we save it.


Current workarounds include:

  • Add a screenshot of the table instead:
    • However if the email client is blocking images, this information will not show up
  • Use a custom module with a HTML table: 
    • This means that for every table I want to insert in my emails, I need to create a new module

Being able to add tables to drag and drop emails will be a really useful feature to have for those want the flexibility of DnD, but still want to structure their information clearly.

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Truly a must have in B2B comms

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Yes, I'm surprised this hasn't come up more often - but perhaps other people are sending a PDF with a grid of prices/products and not a copy-pasted- table. We often need to send a tabular set of info about a traveller's multi-stop flight plans - and currently, we have no option to do that in Hubspot, so our team have to continue to use Outlook. That is proving a sticking point in terms of adopting emailing through Hubspot - because they can't commit to sending every email via Hub.