Add tables to drag and drop email


At the moment it's not possible to insert tables in the drag and drop email editor. Even if we paste table HTML in the source code, it gets stripped away when we save it.


Current workarounds include:

  • Add a screenshot of the table instead:
    • However if the email client is blocking images, this information will not show up
  • Use a custom module with a HTML table: 
    • This means that for every table I want to insert in my emails, I need to create a new module

Being able to add tables to drag and drop emails will be a really useful feature to have for those want the flexibility of DnD, but still want to structure their information clearly.

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Truly a must have in B2B comms


Yes, I'm surprised this hasn't come up more often - but perhaps other people are sending a PDF with a grid of prices/products and not a copy-pasted- table. We often need to send a tabular set of info about a traveller's multi-stop flight plans - and currently, we have no option to do that in Hubspot, so our team have to continue to use Outlook. That is proving a sticking point in terms of adopting emailing through Hubspot - because they can't commit to sending every email via Hub.


Really surprised this isn't standard functionality, to allow a table of prices (or anything) to be included in a sales comm!!!


Surprised that I can't make a table in Drag and Drop editor

This made me very embrassed..


Seems like such basic functionality, I don't know why it would have been left off the drag and drop editor.

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Bump, need this extremely badly. It's basic functionality.

Status updated to: Not Currently Planned
HubSpot Product Team

Hi Contributers, thank you for the idea and for all the feedback, This feature is not available for Marketing Email yet. We have discussed this as a team and are hoping to review this soon, but this is not planned for development in the next quarter. For transparency and clarity, I am updating this issue to 'Not currently planned' for the time being. I will update here once we have plans in place.






Having the ability to add in tables to the drag and drop editor would be super useful for the sole purpose of making sure buttons align properly when using the multi column layouts. We've resorted to using text "click here" links because the buttons just don't align at all when using a 3 column layout. We'd very much prefer if we didn't have to use text links because they just don't look as nice as a button. 


I'm still shocked that this hasn't been implemented by HubSpot. Adding tables to an email is basic functionality and it's a shame that—in an effort to provide a drag-and-drop editor for ease of use—they made a decision that would cause more headache than convenience. 


This is an absolute need!


Agreed, any updates on the timeline for this feature? Seems like it would be a super simple addition to include. 


I'd like to see this feature too. adding in a table is key for communications to our customers.

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Would absolutely love to see this!


Urgently required. Pasting as a picture loses all the clarity.

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Considering all emails are moving over to the new editor, not being able to add tables is a big issue. The challenge that we've hit is with the automated Blog notifications / RSS feeds. As the whole content of the repeating section of the email has to be in a text block, there is no way to format anything beyond simple text styles.


For example, in our current template, we have a button underneath the text that links to the blog article, exactly like HS themselves do. However, without tables, that is not possible as Outlook won't render DIVs with padding.


In this case, we either need the ability to add tables into the HTML, or we need to be able to add other draggable elements into the repeating content section.


+1 for adding tables within the drag & drop email editor! All of our emails are created & sent through there, so it would take additional effort to rebuild them using the basic editor just to add a table in.


I was just attempting to add a table to a marketing email and discovered there's no editing function avaialble, Oh well, I can add my own table code - but the editor strips the code out when I preview! Please, if you're not going to add this functionality, at least allow us to manually code our own tables. I need it for listed table data for our customers. 

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Hi team,

Commenting for a customer here.

Wondering why we don't have this in marketing email since tables is a common feature that is required. If not, amybe we allow insertion of table via a rich text module? Not all the customers have the ability to work with a custom module 😕

Thank you!


We would really like a tables module for our emails.


Hi team, 


Serveral of your competitors have this functionality and it is something that we really need and should be possible in 2021!


Please get this added to the roadmap as planned!!




It is BANANAS that Hubspot doesn't have this basic functionality. We should be able to copy and paste from Excel directly into your editor. Someone is asleep at the wheel here. Extremely embarrassing.