Add social media reports to marketing dashboard

I'd like the ability to add the social media reports that are available under Marketing > Social (e.g. number of followers per channel) to the Marketing Dashboard, in order to have a holistic overview of all marketing activities in one place.





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HubSpot Employee

It would be great as well if we could view the data over a longer period of time before betting the "You must choose a newer date" message. 


I need to get data from 7/1/2018-6/30/2019, the earliest I can get the data from is 7/12/2018 as at 7/15/2019 at the moment. 


- Posted on behalf of Alyssa Pascarella

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Yes please! Overall social impressions is one of our KPIs and I'd like this on a dashboard of reports - but it is only available within the social analytics area not the reports dashboard.

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This feature would be great! It makes sense to consolidate as much data as possible within one dashboard so less time is wasted going in and out of different reports. 

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This needs to be a feature. There is no point of having a report when you cannot add it to the dashboard. These dashboards are what is shared with the upper management and it doesn't make sense to have social reports sitting outside of these dashboards.



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I completely agree with this. It's a no-brainer. We should be able to add ANY report to a dashboard. As @Ali_CovetrusGSS pointed out, why have a report if you can't add it to a dashbaoard?


Please make this happen, HubSpot

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How is this overlooked. Social reports are great on their own, but I need to show, web, email, blog and social on one report to management. This would be a huge help HubSpot. 


Would be great if we could have the 'Top Post' social report widget available in the Marketing Dashboard.  Please and thanks!