Add social media reports to marketing dashboard

I'd like the ability to add the social media reports that are available under Marketing > Social (e.g. number of followers per channel) to the Marketing Dashboard, in order to have a holistic overview of all marketing activities in one place.





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HubSpot Employee

It would be great as well if we could view the data over a longer period of time before betting the "You must choose a newer date" message. 


I need to get data from 7/1/2018-6/30/2019, the earliest I can get the data from is 7/12/2018 as at 7/15/2019 at the moment. 


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Yes please! Overall social impressions is one of our KPIs and I'd like this on a dashboard of reports - but it is only available within the social analytics area not the reports dashboard.

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This feature would be great! It makes sense to consolidate as much data as possible within one dashboard so less time is wasted going in and out of different reports.