Add sender personalization tokens to Sales email templates

I'd like to be able to personalize details from the sender into Sales templates.

For instance, I'd like to start the email with: "Hey {{}}, {{}} here, from Instant Magazine."

This way we could also personalize phone numbers of email addresses from the sender. Makes it a lot easier to create templates! Now you'd have to create multiple versions of the same email just to include a sender's name.


It's basically similar to insert the sender's meeting link which is already possible now.

Ps. Hubspot has told me about using 'HubSpot owner' but that's not reliable enough and it doesn't allow us to only add the first name of our sales rep (it's always first name & last name).

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When creating templates on the HubSpot CRM some of our employees share and use the same ones. A contact token that inputs the sender's name and not just the HubSpot owner would be helpful.

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I would like to know about this too.

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We are several salesreps who are using and sharing the same companies/contacts. The hubspot owner token wont solve our issue. We want to add a "my first name" token in templates. We are using gmail and everything is working fine with hubspot (sales pro paying users) exept for this anoying problem. 🙂


Since we are always logged in there must several ways to find my first name(from my account, email sender, signature or whatever).


We really need this like yesterday, if the sollution allready exists, please advise me hove to solve this issue.





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Count me in as a somewhat surprised new user of the Sales Hub that this isn't a feature that's there already. I'm creating templates with personalisation tokens for Contact, Company and Senders Meeting link. All good stuff.


I want to share this template with my team but I can't peronalise the closing sign-off with the Senders firstname .. not a very personal approach and leaves scope for a signoff from the wrong person or [insert your name here] (ouch!!!)


Let's put this right up there in the priority stack, please. Feels like one that you guys could deliver with relative ease?




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I would add to this that adding the sender phone number would be VERY helpful.

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Sender tokens are now in beta for use within sales templates. If you've up-voted this post as of 2/4/19, I've given you access to the beta! 


Head to Templates > Create Template >  Token > Sender Tokens to get access to the new sender tokens. 

If you have any feedback, please post to this thread!

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Great news! Sender personalization tokens are now live!

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Wow, this is great. Thank you so much!

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Love that this is a thing now, but would really like the added functionality of being able to get more specific with Sender Personalization Tokens (most specifically job title, great use for BDR sending emails on behalf of multiple account executives!)

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This feature is super helpful, but it would be great to have the option to add additional custom sender fields.


For example, we use Calendly right now for scheduling, and we want the template emails to include the individual salesperson Calendly link. Right now they have to manually copy/paste and edit each template. 


We also sometimes want to add 2-3 sentences of personal info from the salesperson, and this also has to be manually copy/pasted in. 



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Hi @bojanski


I guess it's use case dependant but could Snippets work in this situation - i.e. each rep has a snippet containing the unique meeting link and any other profile information required which is then inserted when the master template is used.