Add self referencing Canonical URLs to blog listing pages as an option.

According to a newer article by Search Engine Journal, the current options for canonicalization of blog listing pages is inadequate. Can we have the option to allow for blog listing pages to have a self-referencing canonical link?


Article Here: 

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HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team

Hi @AJLaPorte_diagr, the option to set each blog listing page's canonical URL to the first page in the series is live in the tool, more on that functionality here. Is there anything else you were interested in seeing with regard to adding a self-referential canonicals in listing pages? Let me know! If not, I will go ahead and close this idea out Smiley Happy

AJLaPorte_diagr Advisor | Platinum Partner
Advisor | Platinum Partner

Hey @tilly!


According to the article above, there should be a third option that HS should provide which would allow all blog posts listing pages to have a self-referencing canonical instead of either first page or none. 


This way you could have something like: with a canonical of instead of having to either have none or redirect to the main page listing of


In the article refereced, this is listed under the "Misunderstood, Outdated or Plain Wrong SEO Solutions to Paginated Content" section. It explains that the recommended option of no canoinicals is essentially gambiling with your SEO and while Google is smart enough to identify pagination, its better to provide a direction for it. It also says that the secondary option of pointing all the canonicals to the first page in the series runs the risk of you misdirecting search engines into thinking you only have 1 page of blog listings. 


I know HS handles the rel next/prev correctly so technically this shouldnt be an issue. Its just more of a better to be safe than sorry type thing especially when we're dealing with a clients SEO efforts.




HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team

Great, thanks for confirming @AJLaPorte_diagr. I will pass this along to the team and see what we can do. As you noted, tools like GSC can figure out pagination based on rel prev/next. That said, our customers often use other third party tools, so I completely understand your use case.