Add searchable/reportable field: Deal record creator

I raised a query with the help desk asking how to pull reporting on 'deal records created by (user name)'.  Unfortunately this cannot be done, please see response below from the helpful agent Clint.


While we dont have any specific literature on this, I spoke with one of my references to see why our tool was set up like that and why it seemed to omit the deal creator value. After speaking with my reference, it appears we do not have a default property for this as we do not have a storage space set up for that value. This property would have to be customized by our team to pull that derived value from contacts/companies/deals. It appears our development team for this tool did not include this customized property as they felt the HubSpot owner property would be used in place of this value.


The suggestion that the HS owner property could be used doesn't address our need. This is not the same, as a user can create a deal and assign it to someone else. What we want to know is who identified the deal in the first place.


Our request is that this be added to the proposals for development.


Thank you!


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