Add revision history for workflows and forms that shows which users modified

We should be able to see which team member made which changes and at what time and date to both workflows and forms. This would add accountability for large teams that work collaboratively.

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This would be a great option to add into Workflows. I love the visual update this would be a the cherry on top similar to what we see within the Design Manager.

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forms would be handy

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Two other  posts ask for generally the same feature. HubSpot, your people want this ability! 

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Yes, this would be an extremely useful feature to have. Especially with workflows, the fact that we cannot track changes now, makes it impossible to debug data update issues we run into.

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So someone mistakenly changed the emails in the workflow that I created. It would be really helpful that if we're able to check the revision history to understand who made the changes as it makes it easier to find solutions to the problems.

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Totally need this in workflow! It's so important to have some version control for these setup
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Definitely agree Must Have audit trackers on Workflow and Form

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Does this feature remain nonexistent in HubSpot?

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I agree ! We need this when working in big teams

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Yes absolutely as I work for a company with 8 clubs and multiple forms